About Barbara

Perhaps the cynics are right and life isn’t a fairytale …  But that doesn’t mean you can’t found your own wonderland. Through the walls of your home, life can be as fairylike as you want it to be. Just let MagicalWall take you there. With a surprising mix of boundless imagination, supernatural charm and artistic virtuosity, the wallpaper possibilities of MagicalWall transform your house into your castle concealed in an enchanted forest. For you to live, happily ever after …

MagicalWall is a fun figment of the virtually endless imagination of Barbara Termorshuizen, founder of BART Illustration. The wondrous worlds of Bart are literally drawn from intuitive inspiration. Headlining cuddly animals with human touches, no dreamy landscape is beyond Barbara’s imagination. Not even a coy deer coquettishly flaunting a golden earring and red nail polish, or the fit body of a young girl blend into the fluffy innocence of a big-eyed bunny.

Through MagicalWall Barbara translates this positive originality into wonderful wallpaper for your home. Custom made and/or painted by hand or conveniently printed on a roll for you to create your own charmed world upon your walls. With MagicalWall, the drawing is on your wall.

MagicalWall is available in two categories:


We’re on a roll! With these wallpaper rolls you easily create your own magical wall. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and let etheric, colorful flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and other fairy-flies make your wall their natural habitat.

Light weight fabrics, for crib-drapes or curtains.

Golden shiny, wallpaper Glue~On’s. To add that little something extra… Make your magical wall even more magical by adding a personal finishing touch. This shiny collection of individual elements enables you to create your own finishing touch, by adding a ribbon or balloon or two. Use a good-quality glue to easily apply and remove the elements.


Uniquely hand painted and custom-made made. Once the custom-made wallpaper is professionally applied, unique and unexpected details are hand painted upon it. This adds yet another surprising layer of fun to your walls. You’ll discover a new bedtime story every day. Exclusively dreamed-up and designed for you, our custom-made wallpaper can be everything you want it to be … and more.