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Wallpaper, Prêt-à-Plaquer

We’re on a roll! With these wallpaper rolls you easily create your own magical wall. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and let etheric, colorful flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and other fairy-flies make your wall their natural habitat. Light weight fabrics, for crib-drapes or curtains. Golden shiny, wallpaper Glue~On’s. To add that little something extra… Make your magical wall even more magical by adding a personal finishing touch. This shiny collection of individual elements enables you to create your own finishing touch, by adding a ribbon or balloon or two. Use a good-quality glue to easily apply and remove the elements.

MagicalWall ~ Dreamland

Wander off to dreamland. Just before you fall asleep.. or just after awakening. Watercolor painted wallpaper, repeated every 1,5 meters. MagicalWall can design a representation or repetitive image exclusively for your home. An…